Mr. Breakfast Amazing Larry’s

Taking a love for pizza and ice cream to new heights.

Mr. Breakfast Amazing Larry’s

Question: How does one take their love for pizza and ice cream to new heights? Answer: Learn how to (nearly) expertly make both, then constantly invite friends over to partake.


Mr. Breakfast Amazing Larry’s does not serve breakfast. Instead, it’s a fictitious restaurant, er, ongoing pizza pop-up based out of my kitchen in Brooklyn. It’s where I share my pizza with friends and family and occasionally bust out some weird homemade ice creams.

Kinda explains why I have the URL, right?


To date, some of my favorite pizza creations include: Cheese (duh), Japanese Okonomiyaki, St. Louis-style, Green Chard and Garlic Cream, Roasted Fennel and Sausage, Mac and Cheese.

Ice cream flavors: Matcha, Olive Oil and Lemon, Peanut Butter Cup, Cereal Marshmallow, Sweet Miso Peanut, and Roasted Pumpkin plucked from my parents’ garden in Western Pennsylvania.

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