Design Management Guidebook

Helping companies deliver design at scale.

Design Management Guidebook

Helping companies deliver design at scale.


At Moment, in addition to designing digital products and services, we often found ourselves doing a considerable amount of design management for clients with large distributed teams. There was just one small problem—the nebulous concept of design management was difficult to bill for, because clients didn’t understand its impact.

If we didn’t find a concise way to explain the magic we performed in the background, design management would have continued to be a drain on our resources, instead of generating revenue.


I worked alongside Moment partner and managing director, John Devanney, to create a framework that would communicate this new offering. After creating the Design Management Framework, we needed something more to help our clients take design management seriously, so we wrote the book about it.

I created a content strategy for how we’d roll out our new concept—The Design Management Office (DMO)—to the world. We introduced the DMO framework in a series of blog posts, and, with Devanney, I co-wrote and published, The Design Management Office: A Guidebook for Delivering Design at Scale.

To put the content to work, I created a digital survey that started companies on the right foot. The survey also served as a lead generation tool with hundreds of qualified leads coming from the tool. After completing the survey, participants could download the book for free. Additionally, we printed several hundred copies to give to current and prospective clients.


All of this helped to set Moment apart from other design consultancies and resulted in new tracks of work helping clients set up their own design management practices. The book also lead to a series of conference talks at Interaction 17, Leading Experience, the first DesignOps Summit, and Leading Design.

Download a PDF version of the book.